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Max Access Review: Is It Reliable?

Max Access review
Max Access review

If you’re thinking of a web accessibility solution to fix your website’s accessibility issues then you might have probably heard of Max Access. It’s among the most popular names in this market. This brand is part of Online ADA, which offers automated and manual audits, specifically an overlay toolbar that can be useful for users with disabilities for browsing your website. The features sound good on paper but the real question is, is it really reliable? Read on to know the answer.

How Does It Work?

With Max Access, you can create fully automated solutions that are compliant with WCAG guidelines. Key features include the AI usability engine which understands each user’s needs and makes any changes to maximize accessibility. What makes it different from other overlays out there is that it provides an all-encompassing accessibility dashboard that gives you more information than you’ll find with other plugins. It has a dashboard where you can quickly address any issues the plugin might have found on the page and it also has some features designed specifically for them.

Installation Process

Max Access works with all kinds of websites. You can use it for WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace and Wix to name a few. It also supports Shopify and any other kind of website you want to use. It just takes minutes to install and is amazingly optimized for the comfort of website visitors. Additionally, it scans your site, finds issues and provides updates right away. The software will scan your website every 24 hours to stay up to date with any new or updated content. Via the dashboard, you’ll be able to track various accessibility issues.

The system starts up really quickly after installation. It scans and analyzes website pages to find out their strengths and weaknesses. The auto-remediation code compliance provides additional user interface enhancements to optimize elements like buttons, menus, forms, and the like. MaxAccess does a lot for accessibility, following guidelines and utilizing OCR image recognition technology to provide descriptions for hard-to-read images. Max Access scans every day to clean up the content on your site. A scan usually takes place once a day and can be scheduled as needed.

Overlay Interface

The Max Access overlay is very user-friendly. The widget is a little bigger though than other overlays that we’ve tested and in our screen, it almost occupied half of the monitor. Nevertheless, we didn’t see it as a disadvantage. We were just surprised that it was bigger than the usual ones we’ve seen.

It has 3 accessibility profiles which can be set for high visibility, cognitive assistance or anti-seizure. Adjustments can also be made on the content, color and orientation via the menu which has a lot of options for the benefit of those who have disabilities.

Max Access overlay
Max Access overlay

To see if these overlays are really useful, we’ve asked several individuals with different types of disabilities to actually test the Max Access widget. In general, we never received any major complaints or issues although most of them also noticed that the menu was quite large.

Customer Support

Just like other overlays providers, Max Access also doesn’t have a direct phone support. There’s no contact number that you can dial on your phone if you want to get in touch with them. The only available option is to send them a message via their online contact form. We tried this method and were satisfied to get a response in a matter of hours. Do take note that they only respond within business hours so don’t expect to get an answer during the night or on weekends.

Max Access tutorial page
Max Access tutorial page

We suggest that you explore their FAQ page and tutorials since it has lots of information which may have answers to your questions. It would be best to check them out first before sending their support department a message. We were quite impressed on how detailed these pages were.

Max Access Plans

Max Access’ pricing is primarily based on the website size, but all of the plans include the same features like the back-end dashboard, compliance reports, unlimited pageviews, a front-end toolbar, and the like.

For the Standard plan, the cost will be $27 monthly. This is good for sites that have around 1,000 pages is is the lowest among the options. If you have a businesses and your website is expected to have around 10,000 pages then the Large plan is the best choice. This costs $74 per month. Websites that have hundreds of pages are suitable for the Huge deal which has a monthly price tag of $84 while those that are expected to have over 100,000 pages can subscribe to the Mega plan, the highest tier which costs $194 per month.

Max Access plans
Max Access plans

If you’re planning to use the service for the long term them consider subscribing to their annual plans instead. This is more practical since you’ll only be paying yearly and the costs are a lot lower as compared to the monthly plans. They also offer a free trial which is better than using others like freeware plugins or higher-priced accessibility plugins. Do take note that this is only valid for 14 days.

The Bottom Line

It might seem like the automated accessibility solution offered by Max Access is perfect, but it isn’t. It was able to detect a decent amount of accessibility and usability errors automatically and consequently is able to fix most of these issues. Its dashboard is certainly great for compliance monitoring, and can help your web team deal with minor errors and override machine data when it makes no sense.

Overall, it was able to address the main issues and challenges regarding accessibility and WCAG compliance by automatically identifying the majority of requirements. So the question is, does having Max Access’ overlay make your website accessible? In general, yes. It was able to detect and fix a lot of issues. It’s not perfect but it does the job.

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  • I think it would depend on your screen resolution but yes, Max Access’ overlay is a tad wider than that of Accessibe and Equalweb.

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