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Equally AI Review: Overlays Pros and Cons Reveled

Equally AI review
Equally AI review

Equally AI is a new automated web accessibility solution that works on any website automatically, ensuring that the user has the same experience as everyone else. It can identify and resolve any issue that would affect someone with disabilities or impairments accessing the.

What Does It Do?

Equally AI helps website owners comply with accessibility regulations by providing them with a tool that offers a smooth online experience for those with disabilities. It ensures that all of its products are accessible and meet many regulatory standards, including the WCAG. ADA, AODA, IS 5568 and Stanca Act.

Online barriers are dependent on the type and challenges of a person’s disability. For example, someone using a screen-reader may have more difficulty navigating poorly-coded websites than someone with low vision. What Equally AI’s online service does is that it helps with the most common issues faced by these specific web users. Some of the services they provide are detecting missing buttons, links, missing alt descriptions on images, animated or moving content, lack of complete keyboard navigation, and the like.

How to Install This Overlay?

In order to use Equally AI’s overlay, you need to open an account and add your site. After doing this, you will see a code that can be copied and pasted in the footer or header section of your website. After installing this basic code, you will be able to display the widget on your website for your users. You can modify the look of it to suit your preferences and that of the website. That’s how simple it is. No technical knowledge or even coding experience required to do this task.

Overlay User Interface

EquallyAI have thought about accessibility with their user interface, grouping everything neatly in logical places. Its interface comes with a number of different features that allow for accessibility options that provide the same online experience for those with impairments as those without.

Equally AI overlay
Equally AI overlay

The interface includes a range of features that can be adjusted, depending on the user’s needs:

  • Contrast Settings
  • Text Adjustments
  • Highlighting Content
  • Zoom
  • General

Contacting Customer Support

Equally AI may have an impressive solution for website accessibility but they don’t have phone service so you can’t contact them immediately. But even though they don’t have direct customer phone support, they do provide instructions on how to get started. They also offer well-detailed documents and step-by-step instructions to help you pass accessibility tests. And if you’re ever having any problems or need help, you can contact them instead via email or live chat. People generally prefer to chat with the help desk when they have problems because it’s the most convenient service.

Subscription Plans

Equally AI’s accessibility solution has 4 types of plans: Small, Medium, Large and Unlimited. Each plan has been designed specifically for the number of pages that will be using the overlays. If your website will be just around 1000 pages then the Small plan will do but if your project is expected to have pages of around hundreds of thousands then the Large or Unlimited plans are the most ideal.

Equally AI subscription plans
Equally AI subscription plans

You have the choice of subscribing to one of their plans and have them paid monthly or annually. As with most pricing schemes, the annual plans are more cost-effective in the long term since you’ll be able to save around 20%. In general, the costs of subscribing to their service is well within the acceptable range. In fact, their prices are still a little lower as compared to EqualWeb.

The Bottom Line

What we liked about Equally AI is that it’s able to provide a quick and simple solution for making website a whole lot more accessible. It scans your website once and provides proof of both requirement remediation and compliance. So if you’re aiming for website accessibility and you’re looking for user-interface customization capabilities to help users get the most out of your site then this overlay solution is definitely worth considering. It does the job, it’s a lot simpler to do and it won’t cost you a fortune.

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