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Accessibility Solutions Comparison

Accessibility Solutions Comparison
Accessibility Solutions Comparison

Many web users have disabilities that affect their ability to see, hear, or use the keyboard and mouse. Most websites aren’t designed with these users in mind, which means they’re unusable to many of them. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available to help make your website accessible for all users, whether they have sight problems or limited motor skills. A diversity of solutions are out there to improve accessibility on your website, but it can be hard to find the one that fits your project best.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and effective web accessibility solutions to help you make the right choice in this area. You can use the table below to have an overview of the most popular overlays that are available in the market today. If you want to know more about these providers in detail, then we recommend that you read our detailed reviews of these brands.

Accessibility Solution Best Features Cost Sign-Up
EqualWeb ✔️ Custom accessibility audit
✔️ Fully-managed accessibility service
✔️ Full AI remediation
✔️ Custom accessibility training program
$39 to $109 Get Started
AccessiBe ✔️ Can install using a single-line JavaScript code
✔️ Intuitive accessibility interface
✔️ Full control customization access (advanced plans only)
✔️ Automatic audits
$49 to $349 Get Started
Max Access ✔️ Accessibility statement
✔️ Multiple languages
✔️ Rescans every 24 hours
✔️ Detailed page-level reports
$37 to $260 Get Started
UserWay ✔️ Easy-to-use plugin
✔️ Free version available (limited features only)
✔️ Instant accessibility remediation
✔️ Doesn’t require expert coding knowledge
$49 to $329 Get Started
Equally AI ✔️ 5 accessibility profiles
✔️ Community-tested
✔️ Accessibility statement and certification
✔️ Automatic monitoring and scans
$27 to $147 Get Started


EqualWeb’s overlays can be implemented on websites with medium to large traffic volumes. The install process is very straightforward as it only takes the form of a plugin. In addition, the plugin includes an automated algorithm that examines any HTML-based webpages to find layout problems and creates a prioritized list of recommended fixes. Once installed, the overlay will be displayed at the bottom right of your website. You can then navigate through any errors with a remedial widget and if not fixed automatically, you can use this widget manually.

EqualWeb accessibility widget
EqualWeb’s accessibility overlay


AccessiBe relies on AI-powered processes and it also has a user interface which are in harmony to make sure that design and UI standards are always met. Using this overlay, you can enhance your website with accessibility standards for people with disabilities. The AI understands the content’s context and won’t lead you in the wrong direction while you use your keyboard or screen reader. It’s worth mentioning that they send monthly updates about ADA compliance so you can monitor the progress of your website.

Benadryl's website using AccessiBe overlay
AccessiBe’s overlay widget

Max Access

Max Access has a vast assortment of helpful features on their website. Some examples are color contrast analyzers, form validation tools, and more. The overlay can be quickly installed and is compatible with a lot of website platforms. This means you’ll be able to do everything you need for your site without being slowed down. The long-term benefits are also great, giving you the opportunity to improve your site quickly and efficiently.

Max Access overlay
Max Access overlay


One of their greatest advantages is that its accessibility overlay has a quick set up process. It will save you a lot of time in improving your website and making it more user-friendly for disabled users. It doesn’t require attribution if you use them for scanning compliance issues on your site. Instead, they offer remediation tips that range from minor tweaks to switching to JavaScript. They also have customizable side-bars that have full accessibility features for persons with disabilities.

UserWay accessibility menu
UserWay accessibility menu

Equally AI

Equally AI provides a hybrid system that makes websites more accessible for the disabled. All you need to do is insert one line of code in your website and it does everything necessary for installation. After implementing the code, it will do a thorough site analysis and will look for any possible accessibility issues related to the WCAG standards. Via advanced machine learning, it will then provide a series of recommended fixes that you can use to improve your website’s compliance.

Equally AI overlay
Equally AI overlay

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