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AccessiBe Review: Is It Good Enough?

AccessiBe review
AccessiBe review

If you’re a website owner or developer that wants to ensure that your client websites are accessible, then you ought to consider using an accessibility service. There are many accessibility solutions available today that can help you comply with regulations and one of them is AccessiBe. If you want to know more about its features and to determine if their service is matched to your needs, then continue reading this detailed review.

How Does It Work?

AccessiBe is an application that automatically makes websites compliant with worldwide legislation, meaning you can meet accessibility requirements really quickly (as per their website). The way it works is pretty simple. AccessiBe will scan your website for around 2 days (usually, not always). Once it’s finished, it will make the site more accessible and will do a regular scan every 24 hours to look for any new content and do the automatic fixes.

How to Install AccessiBe?

To add accessiBe to your website, the first thing you would need is a CMS that supports it. AccessiBe is compatible with a wide range of custom systems. We’ve tried it on many different platforms and CMS’s, and it seemed to work smoothly. It works on most types of CMS platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Weebly, Magento, Blogger and many more. These are just some of the sites that we experimented with and wanted to share our thoughts on. All in all, it worked pretty well with any site that we tried.

To install AccessiBe on WordPress, first create an account at accessibe.com, then search for the plugin and install it on your website. The next step is to open the settings and paste the supplied implementation script.

AccessiBe settings on WordPress
AccessiBe settings on WordPress

If you use a website that does not have a system of its own or runs on one that is uncommon, then you will only need to copy the code that will be provided to you and put in on the JavaScript section of your site.

In general, AccessiBe does not need your website to have a system, or for that matter any existing system at all. It allows any website to run smoothly without worrying about compatibility. The technology operates from the client’s end, meaning it functions with all its features regardless of what server you’re using.

So How Long Did It Take?

During our testing, AccessiBe was able to scan and fix 100 pages in less than a day, while sites with 1000+ pages took slightly longer, but were still fixed within 2 days. It’s a time-saving solution that is much faster compared to a manual testing process that can take weeks or more, saving you both time and money.

To test changes and fixes AccessiBe made, we asked people with disabilities to access these “fixed” websites on a variety of devices. Overall, users were very satisfied with the efficiency of the site.

The AccessiBe Overlay Widget

If you’ve built a website, it’s essential that you place importance on the user-friendliness of it. Not everyone can use your site in the same way and some may need more help than others. All users need to be considered when designing your site. This seems to be what AccessiBe’s overlay widget aims to do. The interface can be configured and modified to meet the browsing preferences of their users. This will help make sure your website is easy to use for a variety of people, and meets accessibility requirements in terms of design, readability etc. This will be great for people who are colorblind, have epilepsy or another disability that makes the presentation of information difficult. They’ll be able to customize the UI to suit their preferences.

Benadryl's website using AccessiBe overlay
Benadryl’s website using AccessiBe overlay

Another advantage of AccessiBe is that it already has built-in profiles for various disabilities:

  1. Visually Impaired
  2. Cognitive Disability
  3. Seizure Safe
  4. ADHD Friendly
  5. Blind Users
  6. Keyboard Navigation

In addition, users can also do a manual configuration instead so they can make their own adjustments on the website based on how they want to browse it. Adjustments can be made based on 3 options: content, color and orientation.

Subscription Fees

AccessiBe provides 4 different types of plan and it currently has two main payment options: annual and monthly. Generally they depend on the total number of pages on your site, not the price. All account types with the same benefits. You can choose between a Standard subscription or go for the Jumbo option and still enjoy the same features.

AccessiBe monthly plans
AccessiBe monthly plans

This is not a comment on the company’s billing practices or customer service, but their pricing seems fair. It is on the more costly side of things, but you get premium benefits that are worth the price.

Customer Support

One way to gauge a provider’s reliability is by how they provide customer service. For starters, there’s a help page that comes with detailed installation guides, information with regards to account management, and an FAQ page that answers a lot of commonly asked questions.

They don’t have a phone number or any other phone line you can reach them on but the good news is that you can fill out a short form with your name, email, link and description of what you need help with – including any screenshots that will help their agents best understand the problem. We tried sending some questions via this form and were able to get a detailed and useful response in less than an hour.

The Bottom Line

Accessibility isn’t just about making sure your website can accommodate users with disabilities. It’s also important to think about the elderly and how an easily navigated website will make a difference in their purchasing decision. But, there is a product out there that can help you make your site both ADA and WCAG compliant – AccessiBe.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to use the plugin. It’s fully compatible with most popular website building platforms enabling you to plug it in with ease. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including screen readers and keyboard navigators which make it more accessible to people with disabilities.

AccessiBe is an accessibility service and plugin which offers a more comprehensive solution than other plugins and services out there. This is easy to use and will make sure your website complies with all current regulations.

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  • Been using this overlay on our websites and they’re very easy to install. I tried the free plugin first for a week to see how it works and then decided to purchase the standard plan.

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