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About Us

With the increase in web accessibility concerns, website owners have been looking for new ways to optimize their sites to reach as many people as possible. One of the most effective ways to do this is through web accessibility overlays – these are easy to implement, inexpensive solutions that enable anyone on any device, regardless of disability or capability, to gain full access to your website’s contents without issues.

Who are we?

If you’re new to overlays or would like to know more about these automated technologies then this is the right place to be. This website has been established for the purpose of providing more information about overlays and how to use them properly on websites for the benefit of users who have impairments. We are a team of experienced individuals who have years of experience in developing websites and pages that are more accessible to people with disabilities and we would like to share our knowledge to make the web much more user-friendly for all people including those with limited hearing, vision, or any other disability.

This website will help you find the best web accessibility overlays and make your website as accessible as possible in no time! We’ll also guide you in understanding the different types of overlays that are available and how they can be useful in your next project. The World Wide Web is an extremely powerful source of information, products and services, and we strongly believe that all people should have equal access to these online.

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